About Heal Abuse

Hi, I’m Ami Elsius, and my life’s journey embodies a quest not just for survival but for a profound, holistic well-being that integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of life. My passion for spiritual awakening and holistic health has been my compass and guiding for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my life I have tried many different meditation techniques, yoga traditions, retreats, health cures, various exercises and deep states, as well as held several healing and meditation circles and private sessions. Since early childhood I have had many ”super natural” experiences, mystical gifts, deep insights and direct experiences of oneness and pure love.

My story is one of resilience, beginning as a globe-trotting creative, from managing luxurious spas to capturing the world through my lens as a photographer. Yet, my most profound lessons came not from my successes but from confronting my darkest moments. A dream of love and security transformed into a nightmare of abuse and loss, leaving me in the shadows of PTSD and stripping away everything I held dear.

I tried everything, from psychology to the law of attraction to positive mantras, visualization, and even self-isolation, and none worked.

In the solitude of my darkest hours, I discovered a profound truth: healing comes from within. It was through facing my trauma head-on that I found my path to recovery—not by escaping my reality but by embracing it and incorporating all aspects of my being in the healing process- mental-emotional-physical and spiritual. This journey wasn’t just about healing from trauma; it was about rediscovering my true essence, buried beneath layers of pain and conditioning. I started to see immediate results. Despite the fact that my situation went from bad to worse, I spent more and more time experiencing inner peace and security.

 Ignorance and complacency help spread abuse like a virus. Information, inspiration, sharing and caring is the antidote.

Our Mission


Our mission is to PREVENT and HEAL ABUSEall forms of abuse…through spreading INFORMATION about the What, Why, Where and How, as well as the effects of abuse on both individuals, families, communities and the society as a whole. We aim to encourage HEALING, through  giving valuable SUPPORT, useful ADVICE, WARNINGS and heartfelt SHARING in our “Supportive Community”  Here you will find Articles, Links and Videos related to abuse and healing. Our aim is to create a large scale sustainable change in consciousness, the way we treat each other and ourselves, educating and inspiring people to prevent and heal abuse

  • By Identifying what abuse is,
  • Shedding light on the how, where and why people become abusers and victims
  • Learning how to recognis-e abusive behaviours and interactions,
  • Spreading awareness of the early warning signs of abuse
  • Warn about the dangers of victim blaming
  • Inform about the devastating long term effects of abuse on an individual level as well as on entire families, communities, and society as a whole


  • Warnings and Advice
  • Personal Experiences and Insights
  • Revealing Studies
  • Illuminating and Inspiring Talks
  • Community and Support
  • Practical Methods, Therapies, Exercises and Programs
  • Resource Links to Professional Help, Support and Inspiration
  • Movies and Songs

How we go about it


Because ignorance is gro-ground for abuse, racism, bullying and victim blaming.


Because loneliness and isolation creates victims, suffering and ignorance.


Because everyone has the right to be safe, loved and respected.


Our Focus is on Prevention and Healing


We are not about judging, criticising, revenge or hanging out anyone. Yes, even predators, perpetrators and people who have been abused are also welcome here, as long as you/they are willing to learn, get inspired, improve and heal. It’s not to justify abusive behaviours, nor to not hold people responsible for their actions.

Understanding and Empathy are Better than Hate.

Prevention Is More Effective Than Revenge.

”If you had been born to the same parents, in the same country, with the same upbringing and values, beliefs, physical and mental abilities and disabilities and experienced precisely all the things that the abuser, violator, paedophile, rapist, bully, sexual offender, racist, victim, battered person or survivor has experienced in his/her life..maybe, just maybe…you might just have done, said, felt and feared the same things as he/she has.” 

-Ami Elsius

Join us in making the world a safe and friendly place for everyone.


Spread this vital information with as many people as possible.

Share your story, get inspired and connect other members in our community.

Are you a therapist, writer, coach, survivor? Contribute in writing or by an interview.


Join our team, contribute with your time and skill. Ask us what we need help with.


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