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April 10, 2022

Music was born before mankind to guide us through life.

Music,  what a great way to share a message, a feeling and an experience.

Finding the right song (or songs) at a crucial time in your life can help you get in touch with and clarify your feelings, it can help you put words on how you feel and what you have experienced, it can help you heal and channel your sadness, anger and frustration. Finding a song that resonates with you can give you relief and a sense of not being lonely and isolated. At times it can inspire and call for you to take action and at times it can cam you down and confort you.

Below are songs about about all types of abuse: domestic violence, verbal abuse, mental and emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, battering, bullying, sexual abuse and rape, child abuse, incest, victim blaming, witnessing abuse, hurt, shame, guilt, PTSS post traumatic stress syndrome, revenge, leaving, forgiving, healing…and more.

Sometimes it’s easier to share a piece of music than to talk about your own experience…it’s a good way to break the ice and start to DARE TO SHARE.

You will find a huge selection of songs from worldfamous artists and local talent, about abuse in our playlist on Youtube


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